Ordering a one-of-a-kind, handmade work of art can seem a bit overwhelming.  The photos of each table are beautiful, the descriptions sound like just what you are looking for but you have a few more questions.  We can help!  We've created this collection of commonly asked questions to help you better understand what you can expect from Mokuzai Furniture.  From order times, to payments, shipping, to care, you can find answers to many of questions right here.  If you need further assistance, give us a call at 434-981-1340 Monday-Friday 11am-6pm EST or contact us here.
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If I order a table, how long will it be before I get it?

Our furniture is made to order and each piece is individually created by hand. The lead time for your table will be based on how many people are already eagerly awaiting their new piece of Mokuzai Furniture. Currently, the production of most new table orders would be expected to be complete sometime in July 2024.  (this does not include shipping time)  More complex tables and cabinets with panel work or drawers may be different.  Please feel free to contact us for the most up to date lead time information for whichever piece you are considering. 

We understand that sometimes the wait can be considerable, depending on the number of orders already in our schedule. If you feel more comfortable paying a deposit instead of paying in full up front, we are happy to help you do that. A 50% deposit is required to place the order and hold your place in our production queue. The remaining balance will be due just before shipping. Use code 50DEPOSIT at checkout to place your order with the deposit option.

We can say with absolute certainty receiving one of our pieces, will be well worth the wait. What we do is something special and there is nothing else out there like it. It's not a quick process but our table will be one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture you will ever see.

The large cabinet pieces like our dressers, dining tables or bar cabinets are complex and very detailed.  With the great amount of focused work that these pieces require, we only schedule up to two cabinet orders per year.  Please contact us to check production availability and wait times.    

Can I change the measurements?

We welcome custom furniture orders!  Since our furniture is made to order, we are happy to adjust the measurements to just the right size for your space and we can even give you advice about what works and what doesn't proportionally.  You can submit your request here or give us a call at 434-981-1340.  There is no charge for the customizing itself, but there will be adjustments to the price based on the additional materials and/or time that would be required to create your specific piece.   

I found a table that I love, but can you make it in a different color?

We work with three types of wood.  The walnut is a deep brown, the cherry is a warm reddish wood and the tiger maple is a light blond.  These three options offer a fairly good range of coloring for most homes.  We actually do not do any painting, staining or dyeing of the wood.  The way we finish the wood only enhances the naturally beautiful coloring of the tree and protects the wood for everyday use.  We have spent countless hours perfecting the way we finish our furniture and as dyes, paints and stains are not a part of our process, we do not offer any other color options.

DESIGNER TIP:  If you are worried about getting the right matched wood for your space, try going in a different direction.  Choose something contrasting rather than trying to match.   You can do that more freely with a piece of furniture that is also a piece of art as it can easily stand alone in a space and be the star!

What can I expect when my package is delivered?

All of our furniture is carefully packed in a custom cardboard crate for shipping.  The furniture is shipped as fully assembled and complete works of art.  You will not need to attach legs or put pieces together.  Since they are fully assembled, the boxes that you receive can be quite large.  For most of our tables you should expect to receive a box that is 4 inches larger than your table on all sides.  Four inches longer, four inches wider and four inches taller.  This is something to consider if access to your residence is narrow, has stairs, or lots of turns.  If you have concerns about the size and delivery access, please contact us and we can advise you on the best way to handle receiving your package.  

Your new furniture will ship via Freight.  All of our packages are shipped with residential, to-the-door service included so you do not have to worry about getting a box off a truck and hauling it inside.  All packages are delivered by appointment, so you can schedule your delivery on a day and time window that works best for your schedule.  Before your item ships, we will contact you to make sure someone will be available during the estimated delivery week to receive the package.  If your schedule is tricky, we are happy to offer additional solutions to make receiving your new piece of Mokuzai Furniture as easy as possible.  

I would like to order multiple pieces. Do you offer a discount for larger orders?

While we love a good deal as much as anyone, we do not offer any discounts for ordering multiple pieces.  Whether there is one table or five tables on order, the amount of work required to create each piece is still the same.  The details are very important to us and each piece deserves the same artistic care and attention.  In the Mokuzai Shop you will not find a big stack of pre-cut legs, tops and standard pieces to just put together.  With our focus on designing with the natural grain patterns of the wood, each piece is an individual, unique work of art.  

How do I take care of the finish on my new Mokuzai Furniture?

Each piece of Mokuzai Furniture is finished with the wood choice and intended use in mind.  We have various finishes that we use and it will depend on the color of the wood and what type of piece you order, for us to decide which finish is best for your piece.  With that in mind, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have about maintaining the beauty of your new piece.  We can give you advice specific to your particular finish.  For all of our furniture not much is required to maintain the finish.  A light, regular dusting with a soft dry cloth should be all you need to do.