Meet the Makers


Mokuzai Furniture is just two people, husband and wife, Peyton and Tamara White.

We hand make each and every piece from start to finish.  When you call, you speak directly with the owners.  We handle every aspect of our business personally.  We love how this keeps us directly in touch with our customers.  We stay very busy but we love what we do and we hope you will be able to see that come through in each finished piece of furniture.

A little about Peyton in the Mokuzai Shop...Furniture maker and artist Peyton White handcrafting modern wood furniture in the Mokuzai Shop

"I’m completely self-taught. From a very young age I found that if I wanted to learn something, I’d pick up a book. I would read everything there was to know about the subject. When I became interested in woodworking, I started reading. I collected a few tools, built some things and repeated. There is something to be said about formal training and degrees, but whatever you learn, until you make it and it looks good and feels good, it doesn’t really matter. I do what I like to do and what looks good to me and I 've put in the hours to get it right.  I wasn’t taught a perfect dovetail but hundreds and hundreds of dovetails later, my hands have learned it."

A little about Tamara in the Mokuzai Shop...
Mokuzai Furniture is finished by hand, enhancing the natural beauty of the solid wood.

"The table comes to me, in a complete but raw form.  I wipe that first coat of finish and reveal everything that Peyton has planned.  What a treat it is to see the grain patterns and colors all perfectly placed for this one stunning piece of furniture!  I love the phone calls and email correspondence with our customers as I help them create a custom design or tell them about what makes our work so special.  With a background in interior design, I can recommend the right wood color, the best use of space, and the perfect furniture design to bring a room together. I enjoy the photography component of our business, working to adequately convey the beautiful details through a picture.  Mokuzai Furniture is more than just a table or a cabinet.  A piece of Mokuzai Furniture is a story, a piece of our life and our hearts and I am proud to be the one that connects that experience with our customers."