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Have you heard? This table is something special!

The Classic Console Table is the foundational design of Mokuzai Furniture. With a touch of inspiration from Shinto architecture, along with the characteristic pairing of simplicity and functionality that is mid-century modern furniture design, this beautiful narrow table was born.  See why we love it so much and we guarantee you are sure to love it too!

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Putting the Pieces Together

Uniquely designed, hand-cut joinery is an important part of Mokuzai Furniture.  The carefully crafted dovetails, mortises, tenons and more, lock all the pieces together for an heirloom quality piece of fine furniture.   This particular cabinet was especially tricky as so many components needed to work together functionally but also be aesthetically stunning. Ensuring that our clever construction is left to the outside, the hand-cut joinery details are a signature design highlight of Mokuzai Furniture.  When you see our unique joinery, you know this piece of fine furniture is well made. This custom cabinet, in Tiger Maple and Cherry, was designed as a display case for a beautiful collection of art books.  Now at home in Bethesda, Maryland, its use is quite...

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