A blog post discussing a top interior design trend for 2024, Quiet Luxury.

Quiet Luxury: Our Favorite Interior Design Trend

Each year, I like to do a little dive into researching…

What are this year's hot trends in home décor?

It’s a great way for me to keep my finger on the pulse of interior design and see what my customers might be interested in and see just how our unique and original furniture designs fit in with what everyone is talking about.

In looking into the interior design trends for 2024, I have to tell you that I’ve found my absolute favorite trend to date! They call it:


Before I even knew what it meant, just the words quiet luxury made me say “Oooooo”….and I immediately knew Mokuzai Furniture fits right in!

So what is quiet luxury in interior design? Let’s explore!
The most important components of the Quiet Luxury trend are designs made with

quality materials, understated elegance & timeless appeal.

The focus is all about selecting unique décor items with exceptional craftsmanship, that offer beauty and style without being flashy or extravagant. The timeless style of Quiet Luxury doesn’t adhere to any specific era or design style. You want to select high-quality items that will be beautiful for generations to come.


Mokuzai Furniture is right on trend with the focus of Quiet Luxury. We even have a console table design that is literally called The Classic Console Table.


A collage of pictures of the Classic Console Table, a narrow console table for entryways and hallways.


Our fine wood furniture designs are hand-crafted from only the most premium woods. We carefully choose each wood slab for its special grain patterns and wood colors and then artistically place those patterns to flow like a story of each table. Our style isn’t specific. We don’t make “modern”, “minimalist”, “Japanese”, “traditional”, “shaker style”, “art décor” furniture etc. etc. etc.

Our console tables, entry tables, and other fine furniture pieces are

original & timeless.

Modern wood furniture designs by Mokuzai Furniture featuring a cherry console table, a modern wood bar cabinet and a small entry table.

You will enjoy your Mokuzai table today, and then so will your children, and then your grandchildren and then your great grandchildren... and then on and on for generations to come. With our heirloom quality, elevated craftsmanship you can be sure your Mokuzai table will be around that long, but even better, it will fit perfectly into any interior design style in any era.

Take a look at these two beautiful Statement Tables.

Two zen decor style side tables from Mokuzai Furniture.

One is placed in a bright entryway and the other in a lovely living room. One sits in a home that has a more traditional vibe with details like a chair rail, warm wood floors and a rug with a touch of southwestern style. The other sits in a living room with a more modern Zen decor vibe. Both spaces are beautiful but with very different interior design styles yet The Statement Table from Mokuzai Furniture, is the shining décor accent for each!

Another important focus of the Quiet Luxury design trend is

personal style & individuality.

With Quiet Luxury you move away from grabbing up that hot new home décor item just because it’s trending and instead,

choose home décor that expresses who you are, where you’ve been, who and what you love…

A console table with three drawers and a shelf displays a special collection of antique lalique glass in a modern living room.

Here you see Mokuzai Furniture's narrow console table with three drawers.  In this modern living room, the beautiful console table is used to display this customer's special collection of Lalique glass.  This console table would be gorgeous in any living room, entryway or bedroom but in this home, the table displays the personal style and interests of the home's inhabitants.

And now we say goodbye to all white everything!

No giant, fur like rugs, or chunky gilded mirrors, or uncomfortably loud chairs. Say goodbye to big and bold just for the sake of it, and welcome home to serene spaces with warmth, authenticity and originality.

A comparison of two different bedroom styles, one bland and trendy the other warm, serene and thoughtful.

With the Quiet Luxury Trend, there is special attention being paid to

artisanal, original, one-of-a-kind handmade furniture & home décor.


At Mokuzai Furniture, each one of our narrow console tables, small side tables, skinny end tables and unique entry tables is INDIVIDUALLY hand-crafted. You won’t find a large stack or legs or table tops or pre-cut pieces ready for assembly. Each new table is its own work of art and receives its very own attention to detail and excellence.

The modern wood furniture at Mokuzai Furniture is handmade with traditional woodworking tools.

Each new table is a new artistic canvas and all of our fine furniture designs are 100% original designs from Mokuzai Furniture...

no copies, no replicas.

Generations from now, when someone sees one of our pieces they will notice the interesting curves, the unique construction and the visible joinery that are all signatures of our work and say “That’s Mokuzai Furniture.” (read more about our signature details here!)

Quiet Luxury focuses on style and sophistication but with a mindful eye towards 

sustainability & conscious consumption.

I love this part of the trend. It is one thing to decorate a beautiful home or room, but it is a step above to do it while thinking mindfully about our planet. With quiet luxury, you move away from quick ship, cheap cheap, “fast furniture” and invest in quality pieces that are responsibly made and that will stand the test of time functionally and aesthetically.

With quiet luxury the goal is to make intentional décor choices that are

elevated, classic & good for the planet.

Sustainability is something we take to heart here at Mokuzai Furniture.  Each one of our artistic narrow console tables, skinny side tables, small end tables and detailed cabinets is created from 100% solid wood. There is no yucky plywood, pressboard or veneer. Even the interiors of our drawers and backs of our cabinets are made from beautiful wood.

A look at solid wood drawer interiors on a console table by Mokuzai Furniture.

We understand that we are blessed to be able to work with such a wonderful and precious resource and we want to honor the contract we have made to Mother Nature to pay tribute to the gift that each tree is and respectfully utilize this valuable material to its fullest!

Careful layout planning on a wood slab at Mokuzai Furniture.

With our intentional layout work, we use the absolute most of each slab of wood that we can. We are committed to creating as little waste as possible. The minimal leftover cut-offs and scraps are used to heat our home and even the sawdust is recycled for composting and grounds maintenance.  (Read more about our mindful sustainability practices here.)

Our modern wood furniture designs are built to last.

With our elevated construction methods, our entry tables, end tables and contemporary cabinets are guaranteed to be passed down for generations to come.

Investing in high-quality furniture is an investment in the future of our planet.

It means less “throw away furniture” crowding the landfills, and we are proud to be good stewards of our planet in that way.

So now that you know a little more about this fabulous new trend in interior design, are you ready for a fresh new take on your own home décor? To achieve the stunning beauty of the quiet luxury trend, don’t forget-

  • Classic & Timeless – clean lines, sophistication, beautiful in any era

  • Quality!!! - premium materials and elevated craftsmanship

  • Individual and Authentic – show off your personal style

  • Handmade and Artistic – one-of-a-kind originals

  • Thoughtful and Intentional – investing in high-quality furniture is good for the planet

and in case you missed it...all of the above can be found in a beautiful new table from Mokuzai Furniture,

Narrow minimalist console tables in modern homes by Mokuzai Furniture.

featuring clean lines and timeless design,

created from the highest quality materials with elevated craftsmanship

hand-crafted individually, just for you,

as a one-of-a-kind, original work of artful,

built to last

with a mindful consideration of the gifts of beauty from Mother Earth.

A luxury apartment in New York City with a custom narrow console table by Mokuzai Furniture.

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