2023 Interior Design Trends featuring modern wood furniture design by Mokuzai Furniture!

2023 Interior Design Trends featuring modern wood furniture design by Mokuzai Furniture!

A new year means new trends for home interior design!  While I am not a big believer in jumping on the hottest new trend every time someone influential says “hey you should like this!”, the trends I’m seeing for 2023 are looking a lot like things that will (or definitely should) be around a very long time.

Let’s take a look at some of the big interior design trends for 2023 and I will be sharing some examples of how Mokuzai Furniture can help you add that trending look to your home.

Trend #1 Incorporating Meaningful Objects

2023 interior design trend meaningful design living room

There is a big movement happening towards meaningful design,

leaning into authenticity and prioritizing joy.

Rather than filling your home with the latest quick-grab accessory (remember the mounted antler trend?) or that make-a-statement-but-functionally-pointless furniture piece (i.e. the acrylic side chair) the trend now is for decorating with pieces that mean something.

Meaningful design is all about selecting furniture and accessories that have a story or that tell a story.

handmade process for modern entry table by Mokuzai Furniture

At Mokuzai Furniture, each narrow console table, small end table, or modern wood entry table is meaningfully designed and hand-crafted with longevity in mind.  The design lines are classic, creating a style that will always be “in”.  Each console table or small side table is individually created, no two tables are exactly alike.  We document the making process through a series of photographs from our workshop and then share those with you, the customer, at the end of the process, so you can see the special story of how your particular table came to be.  As artists, we feel a special connection to our work and in turn a special connection to each customer.

When a Mokuzai Furniture table is placed in your home, a piece of our heart along with the unique story of your table's creation becomes a part of your everyday living.

walnut console table modern narrow entryway table design by Mokuzai Furniture

Meaningful design is mixing precious family heirlooms with that unique modern furniture piece that just makes you smile.  It’s incorporating, and even highlighting as artwork, your family photos or collected treasures from a special trip.  Meaningful design is surrounding yourself with décor that reminds you of happy memories and makes you feel connected to history.

Meaningful design is decor that feels soulful and personal.

Meaningful design sounds like something we could all enjoy in our home decor for any year, any decade, and any generation to come!

Trend #2 Warm Earth Tones

Say goodbye to the trend of cool gray and all white everything, and say hello to warm browns, terracotta, soft peach, and coral!

2023 Interior Design Trend colors warm earth tones

I personally, LOVE this trend!  I am so tired of how empty gray and white can feel.  Yes, they are refreshing colors but at the same time they lack that deeper soul that warm earth tones can bring to a space.  The trending warm earth tones make a space feel like

the way the warm sun feels on your face as it comes through the window in the afternoon.

To add these earthy, warmer colors to your space without painting the entire room,

try adding a cherry console table, side table or coffee table.

Cherry is probably my favorite of all the woods we use to create our modern wood furniture.  It has this perfect, quiet elegance and it is timeless.  Here is our Classic Console Table in solid cherry.

cherry console table modern wood furniture design by Mokuzai Furniture

You can put it in a kitchen with black and white décor, you can put it in a modern living room with metallic accents, you can put it in an entryway with bold primary colors, or in bedroom with muted mauve tones.  For an even more unique custom table, pair it with tiger maple for subtle contrasting.

Here is a custom Statement Hall Table and our Designer Console Table in the tiger maple and cherry combination.

tiger maple and cherry entryway furniture designs by Mokuzai Furniture

Trend #3 Wellness Rooms

There has always been buzz around having a home gym.  We are all busy and being able to grab a workout without leaving home seems like the best way to actually fit it in.  That’s great for staying active, for staying physically fit, but we all need more than a treadmill to be our best selves.  That’s where this 2023 interior design trend comes in...a home wellness room!

Home wellness room interior design trend 2023 Mokuzai Furniture

A wellness room is a dedicated space in your home for whatever makes you feel grounded and whole.  It may include yoga, meditation, working out, listening to music, reading, heck maybe some plain old napping!

A wellness room is a multi-functional space that is all about prioritizing your peace, whatever that looks like to you.

Our modern wood furniture designs have a certain zen like quality to them.  While not specifically Japanese style furniture, many of our design lines have a meditative aesthetic with a peaceful balance of detail and proportions.

The Statement Side Table cherry and tiger maple by Mokuzai Furniture

We have actually created many of our console tables and side tables in custom sizes to be used as altar tables in calm and sacred places.

Statement Altar Table for meditation space wellness room trend 2023 with Mokuzai Furniture

If you are designing a wellness space in your home, a narrow table from Mokuzai Furniture would be the perfect decor addition.

Tall narrow altar table for meditation space or wellness room 2023 design trend Mokuzai Furniture

Trend #4 Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a fancy way to say design that is focused on

bringing the natural world into the comfort of our homes. 

natural materials in interior design inspiration

Especially following the era of Covid quarantine where all of us spent a ton of time inside, bringing nature inside has never felt more refreshing.  And there’s so many ways to achieve this trend!  Adding houseplants helps of course, and living walls are even better!  Another big part of this trend is the use of natural materials in home decor like natural stone, bamboo, sisal and wood.  You can also incorporate more organic shapes to increase that connection to the natural world.

organic shape of a live edge walnut console table by Mokuzai Furniture
At Mokuzai Furniture, we help you connect your home decor with the beauty of mother nature through beautiful, solid wood tables.

The warm, natural wood colors breathe life into any space and add a layer of texture.  Each custom console table, modern side table, and narrow end table have been crafted from hand-selected, premium wood and the special grain patterns and colors of each piece are carefully placed so that the table is an artistic canvas, displaying the history of that once growing tree.

live edge tables for entryways and hall tables by Mokuzai Furniture

Take your connection with nature to another level by adding the organic shapes of a live edge tabletop or live edge table stretcher like you see on this custom Classic Console Table or custom Statement Hall Table.

live edge console tables by Mokuzai Furniture

Trend #5 Wine Displays

I think this trend is so fun!  I love how it’s not just about wine storage, but rather about putting it on display.  For those of you that are proud of your collection, or maybe even have just a few special bottles you are saving, why keep them closed off in storage.  Often times the bottles and labels are their own art so why not let them shine?

artistic wine display wall in modern dining room

We've created a very unique table that is perfect for this trend, and you don't have to remodel an entire wall or even an entire room to display your favorite bottles.

We call it The Tasting Table.

unique wine display table for wine storage by Mokuzai Furniture

A take on our Classic Table Design, this dining room side table features a unique wine rack shelf.  Each bottle is cradled in a beautiful butterfly shaped support and easily slides in and out of storage while also offering a wonderful way to display the best of your wine collection.

Guaranteed to be a conversation piece,

our Tasting Table is hand-crafted from stunning solid wood and finished to an impressive velvet sheen that offers protection and durability for entertaining.  With our custom table options, you can get this table with wine rack underneath in the perfect wood color for your space and in the perfect size for your collection.

Unique wine display table with wine rack wine storage solution by Mokuzai Furniture

The years will come and go, and so will the "trends."  The one thing that will remain constant in design is that

classic will always be classic.

walnut console table narrow modern entryway furniture design by Mokuzai Furniture

While you take a look around your house and see what to add or subtract to stay up to date with the latest trend, always remember to prioritize joy and lean into meaningful decor. 

If you surround yourself with the things that YOU find beautiful, you can’t go wrong

and we hope our furniture designs will have a special place in your intentional home.

Wishing you all the best for a meaningful and beautiful 2023!

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