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Winter Home Decor Warm Up! 5 Interior Design Tips for Winter

Baby it’s cold outside!

It’s that time of year when everything is a little gray and chilly. Maybe you even have snow!  So for these cold winter months, what’s better than a little warm-up for your home décor?! 

I’ve come up with 5 easy ways to make your home décor feel warm and cozy,

to keep your spirits bright and your heart wrapped in a happy snuggle all winter long.

#1 Add Rich Colors and Textures

winter home decor tip #1 add rich colors and textures- Mokuzai Furniture Blog
When it’s chilly out, the last thing that feels comforting is cold metal or marble, slippery leather and plastic, or cool whites and grays. Adding rich textures like velvet, faux fur, or chunky knit gives you something cozy to run your fingers through, makes the space feel more intimate and invites you to sit and stay a while. Adding pops of warm color brings an excitement to the space in the doldrums of cold winter.

Pillows, accent rugs and wall hangings are a super easy way to add the warmth of rich colors and textures and you can easily swap them out when the seasons change!

#2 Blankets & More Blankets!

winter home decor tip #2 add lots of blankets- Mokuzai Furniture Blog
When drafty winter blows through, a blanket is your best friend!

The great thing about throw blankets is they are functional, but they can also be stylish.

You can choose colors and patterns that you love and that work with your home décor, and you can find creative and stylish ways to display and store them. A row of pretty blankets is suddenly a unique wall hanging. Stored away, the basket that holds them becomes a neat accessory. Be sure to keep a few out for a quick grab when you need a warm hug.

#3 Add Plants

winter home decor tip #3 add plants- Mokuzai Furniture blog
When the outside is bleak with winter’s chill, bring living breathing life into your space with houseplants! 

Decorating with plants brings energy to your home, refreshes the air, and adds a layer of wonderful color, pattern and texture.

Nothing feels more alive than the bright greenery of mother nature and the planters and vases that you choose for your plants is another opportunity to display your personal home decor style.

#4 Add a Cozy Aroma

winter home decor tip #4 add a cozy aroma- Mokuzai Furniture blog
When the air is just too crisp for comfort, try adding a candle, sachet or incense with a warming scent. The flickering light of a candle is soothing. The colors and textures of dried herbs and flowers offer a natural display piece.

Use your sense of smell for a powerful mood boost!

#5 Create a Reading Nook

winter home decor tip #5 create a reading nook- Mokuzai Furniture blog
For those dreary winter days, you need a special place to curl up, tuck in and find a bit of mental shelter from the cold. A reading nook is just that kind of place! It doesn’t take much to make this cozy little spot. Find a corner and set up your favorite chair. Be sure there is a blanket within arm's reach. Add a little end table and your latest read. Something like the Classic End Table would be perfect! Just big enough for a coaster and your mug of hot tea and with a little shelf to store a good book. Options like the Encore Nightstand or this End Table with Drawer would be good options if you’d like a little storage too.
small end tables with drawers for reading nook design by Mokuzai Furniture
At Mokuzai Furniture we create unique end tables, hand-crafted from warmly colored premium wood, and perfectly sized for small space decorating like creating a reading nook.
See more of our end tables here.

So, if you’re feeling the chill of the winter season, try one (or all!) of these easy tips for warming up your home décor. Stay warm and cozy and remember...

Spring is just around the corner!
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