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How to Design a Custom Console Table - The Classic Collection

Our Classic Tables are by far our most popular console table, side table and end table designs.  Did you know there are sooooooo many different options available for this unique modern table?  Whether you need a narrow hallway table, a stunning entry table, a new living room side table, or a small end table, you can customize the Classic Table and create the PERFECT fine furniture design for any space.

You can be the artist!

Now let me show you how...

STEP #1:

custom sizing available for our fine furniture designs at Mokuzai Furniture

This narrow console table translates beautifully to any size.  When we construct your one-of-a-kind console table, side table or end table, we always ensure the same wonderful balance and proportions are maintained.  Go ahead and pick ANY measurements that best fit your space.

You can't go wrong!

and if you need help, just send me a little information about the space you are working with, and I will give you my expert opinion on what size console table would work best. 

P.S. though our tables are a unique, hard to find, narrow size, we offer larger versions as well!

STEP #2:

choose your wood colors for your custom console table at Mokuzai Furniture

All of our custom console tables, side tables and end tables are hand-crafted from three distinct, premium woods - walnut, cherry and tiger maple.  You can choose any of these for your special table design and can even request them in any combination.

What color do you want for your console table top? 

How about the legs of your side table?

Maybe you'd like the shelf of your end table in a contrasting wood color?

When designing a custom console table with Mokuzai Furniture, the artistic possibilities are endless!

STEP #3:

change the shelf spacing on your custom console table with Mokuzai Furniture

Another option you have when designing a custom console table, side table or end table at Mokuzai Furniture, is adjusting the height of the shelf.  Do you have something special you want to store or display on the shelf of your unique custom table?  We can adjust the height of the shelf on your modern wood table so that you have exactly what you need for getting the most out of your beautiful new furniture design.

Function and beauty working together!

STEP #4:

add a shelf to your custom console table with shelf at Mokuzai Furniture

What's better than a table with one shelf?  A table with shelves!  You can add a shelf (or two) to your custom wood table for even more functionality.  Create a custom entry table, narrow hallway table, or small end table that serves as a stunning display piece for family photos, collected treasures and special artwork.

STEP #5:

add a live edge table top to your custom console table at Mokuzai Furniture

Bring a touch of nature's raw beauty to your modern home decor by adding a live edge table top to your custom walnut console table, entry table or end table.  The organic shape of the live edge is so unique, and you will love the interesting and exquisite artistry that the live edge table top can add to your home.

create unique home decor with Mokuzai Furniture

create a custom console table with Mokuzai Furniture

custom wood furniture designs by Mokuzai Furniture

a custom entryway table by Mokuzai Furniture

What will you create?




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