Elevated Minimalist Design: a guide for creating warm and personal spaces with minimalist style.

Elevated Minimalist Design: a guide for creating warm and personal spaces with minimalist style.

Minimalist design is all about creating beauty with simplicity. It’s a less is more interior design style featuring clean lines, simple forms and no excess ornamentation.

Minimalism in design is pure elegance.

When decorating a room with a minimalist style, each and every piece is carefully chosen. Like its name suggests, with a minimalist design style, you want to keep the number of “things” in play to a minimum meaning that

the furniture and accessories you choose should be meaningful and exceptional.

I believe your home should be a beautiful expression of you, who and what you love, where you’ve been, what you dream of… If I walked into your home, would it be warm and inviting? Could I tell what kind of person lives there... by the art, by the photos, by the furniture?

While I definitely appreciate a clutter free home, the one problem I find with minimalist design is that sometimes it can feel a little too sparse. Often times it seems a little cold and impersonal. When I look at photos of minimalist interiors it can be hard to tell who (if anyone at all) might live there. And I don’t know about you but that feels a little sad to me.

But the good news is,

with one simple trick you can achieve a minimalist look while still creating a space that is warm, inviting and has a touch of artistic personality.

The Secret: Choose one special piece of custom furniture!

A piece of furniture that is handcrafted, just for you. A piece of furniture that is exactly the right size and just the right color for your home specifically. A piece of furniture that you admire every time you see it and that grabs the attention of all of your guests. Something unique, one-of-a-kind, and made just for you.

At Mokuzai Furniture, custom furniture that is unique, one-of-a-kind, and handcrafted just for you is our specialty!

Let’s take a look at some rooms that have a minimalist design style but are missing that something special. I’ve selected a variety of rooms that have a minimalist design aesthetic and I’ve added a little touch of Mokuzai Furniture to bring warmth and personality to the space.

An entryway will get a new hall table with the Statement Hall Table by Mokuzai Furniture.

This minimalist entryway is nice. I like the hanging light and a mirror is always a great idea in a small entryway. However, it seems a bit dark don’t you think? And the console table feels a little institutional. The space definitely doesn’t feel warm and inviting and in general, it has a cold personality.

The solution for bringing something special to this entryway?

Enter: The Statement Hall Table

This handcrafted console table has a light, tiger maple tabletop that beautifully contrasts the rich walnut base. The unique tiger maple catches the light and simply sparkles, a welcome addition to the dark entryway. This console table has a narrow footprint, a valuable feature in a small entryway. The modern Zen style feels bold yet elegant, bringing a tranquil warmth to the previously stiff décor.

And now this minimalist entryway says “Welcome, please come in.”

 *  *  *

A minimalist family room will get a new side table with the Designer Side Table from Mokuzai Furniture. 
This minimalist family room needs something special and that will be the Designer Side Table from Mokuzai Furniture.
The natural light in this minimalist family room is wonderful! The space, though small feels bright and open. Unfortunately, it is A LOT of white and it also isn’t very functional. Notice there is no table! Where do you set down your glass of wine?

Where do you put down your book?  Where does the lamp go?

This Designer Side Table from Mokuzai Furniture elevates a minimalist family room.

Enter: The Designer Side Table

The Designer Side Table from Mokuzai Furniture adds warmth and function to a minimalist family room.

This minimalist walnut side table is the perfect solution

to bring warmth and functionality to this family room. Keeping in mind there isn’t much space in this small family room, The Designer Side Table isn’t too big! Now you have a tabletop for setting things down, and the shelf adds extra storage or display options. The rich walnut wood tones add depth to the stark space and nod to the other wooden elements of the overhead beam and flooring connecting the space.

*  *  *

The Tasting Table from Mokuzai Furniture will elevate a minimalist dining room.

This is 100% a minimalist dining room. There is hardly anything in it! There is no color and no warmth and it all just feels boring and uncomfortable. Even the plants look gray and depressed. It seems to me it would be very loud, the chatter of a table full of guests bouncing off the cold surfaces.

The Tasting Table by Mokuzai Furniture is a minimalist dining room console table with an elegant wine storage solution.

Enter: The Tasting Table

A minimalist dining room gets a special addition with the Tasting Table from Mokuzai Furniture.

The Tasting Table is truly a unique work of art.

It is a statement piece, it is a conversation piece, and it is just what this minimalist dining room needs. The Tasting Table is unique dining room console that can serve as a sideboard buffet table but also features elegant wine storage.  A showcase piece for the most premium of your wine collection, our Tasting Table radiates and appreciation of fine quality and exclusive style.  The golden tiger maple wood adds much needed color to this minimalist dining room and the way the light shimmers in the grain patterns of the wood is the perfect complement to the glossy decor elements in the space.   

*  *  *

A minimalist living room will get a new console table from Mokuzai Furniture.
A minimalist living room.
This is an elegant minimalist living room. It has a softness that is often missing when it comes to minimalist design. It does however lack warmth (surprise surprise!) and seems just a little too bare. I feel like there is a missed opportunity here to add more personality and make this minimalist living room more original.


Enter: The Classic Console Table

A minimalist living room featuring the Classic Console Table placed under the wall art and behind the sofa in this minimalist living room.

The absolute perfect fine furniture piece for any minimalist style room!

At only 10” deep this minimalist narrow console table takes up very little space allowing you to add warmth and style in a small footprint. Not only does the rich walnut wood add warmth and texture to the space, but this minimalist console table also adds function as a display space!

In this minimalist living room, the sofa sits away from the wall in the center of the room. This is a great design detail because it makes the space feel so light and open and adds a wonderful layering to all the furniture and décor. That unique spacing between the wall and the sofa, a sort of “hallway” if you will, would be perfect for this narrow minimalist console table. There would still be plenty of room for walking around but doesn’t that table really highlight the artwork on the wall? It makes it feel more gallery like! This would also be a great opportunity to add a little personal touch to the living room, with a few favorite photos, maybe a candle for a unique scent, or some collected treasures from your travels. With the Classic Console Table there, decorated with a few special items that you love, suddenly this cool yet a bit lifeless minimalist living room is now warm and personal.

Now you know what sort of people might live here.

These are just a few examples of how you can elevate minimalist design style by adding a special piece of custom furniture. Your custom furniture choice can add color, texture, a natural element, and most of all a touch of your personality. Show off your original style with a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece of fine wood furniture made JUST FOR YOU.

Bring more of YOU into your minimalist home décor with a custom table design from Mokuzai Furniture.

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