4 Unique Hall Tables from Mokuzai Furniture

Deck the Halls! - 4 Unique Hall Tables that will Make Your Home Merry All Year Long

The hallway can be a tricky place to decorate. There isn't much space, there might not be much light and there's a lot of traffic, but...

the hallway is also one of the most important places to decorate!

A hallway moves you through a home. You move from one room to another, from one activity to another, from inside to outside... all through a hall.

It is the central nervous system of your home.

Just as much as you should enjoy sitting in your living room, cooking in the kitchen, or relaxing in your bedroom, you can also enjoy your hallway! With the right décor, a hallway can be a featured gallery of special treasures, inspiring artwork, and heartwarming family photos that remind your of good memories. With the right hall table, you can also make the highway that is your hallway a place that serves your everyday needs. A place to set down the mail, a place to keep your keys...

a narrow hall table can be the focal point of an artistic décor vignette and a FUNCTIONAL work of art at the same time.

I’ve rounded up four of our most popular hall table designs! These narrow hall tables will add beauty and function to your hallway without taking up too much space.

Make your hallway merry all year long with these artistic and unique hall tables!

The Statement Hall Table by Mokuzai Furniture

All of our hall tables are hand-crafted from only the most premium woods, but the Statement Hall Table makes that beautiful wood the star of the show! The thick tabletop and the solid table legs are all brought together with a stretcher that runs down the middle. These clean lines boldly display the gorgeous patterns and colors of the wood. As its name suggests,

this hall table makes a statement.

Modern zen style hall table by Mokuzai Furniture

The modern zen styling is both peaceful and strong.

The Statement Hall Table design is well-balanced and beautifully proportioned, the structured table base grounding the work of art.

Custom hall table designs by Mokuzai Furniture
We have customized this table design in so many different sizes and each and every time this hall table is fantastic.  You can also choose an elegant, cut curve stretcher or add the unique touch of nature's beauty with a live edge stretcher.

The Classic Console Table by Mokuzai Furniture

The Classic Console Table is the foundational design of Mokuzai Furniture.

It is featured in hallways and entryways all over the world!  As a hall table, the Classic Console Table works well because of its narrow footprint but also because of the shelf.  Having a shelf on your hall table gives you a little extra functionality, a place you can tuck things away so you don't have to leave them out on the tabletop.  The mail, your keys, your latest favorite book, your phone, all of these things could be easily stored out of sight in a shallow basket or tray on the shelf of the Classic Console Table.

A walnut console table by Mokuzai Furniture

The Classic Console Table is minimalist furniture design at its finest.

If you have an especially tight hallway, or maybe not so much light, or maybe you have some really awesome wallpaper you’d hate to block, the minimalist styling of the Classic Console Table is perfect. It’s nice and open, light and airy, and elegantly delicate.

Create a custom hall table from our Classic Collection at Mokuzai Furniture 

Another hall table design that customizes beautifully, the Classic Table is a lovely work of art in any size or wood color.

The Designer Console Table by Mokuzai Furniture  

A variation on the theme, our Designer Console Table is very similar to the Classic Console Table design. This hall table has all of the same features as the Classic version but if you are looking to add more display space with your hall table, then the Designer Console Table is the one for you.

 A narrow hall table console with display shelf by Mokuzai Furniture 

With a lowered shelf there is more room for displaying a collection of treasures, unique artwork, or favorite family photos.

This narrow hall table design can serve as a sort of display case for beautiful things.

 Order our Designer Console Table in a custom hall table size at Mokuzai Furniture

With our specialty in customizing our hall table designs to best suit your space...

you are guaranteed a functional work of art at any custom size and wood color combination.

A live edge hall table by Mokuzai Furniture

And for the final hall table in our Deck the Halls round-up, a Live edge Hall Table!  This is our Classic Console Table design you saw earlier in this post...but then it went a little "wild".  As in the wile beauty of an organic, live edge that is!

Live edge walnut hall table by Mokuzai Furniture

Adding a live edge tabletop to your hall table is a wonderful way to design something really unique. Just as no two trees are alike, the shape of each natural edge hall tabletop is always one of a kind. Beautifully displaying the history of that once growing tree,

a live edge hall table sings with pattern, movement and color.

A live edge hall table brings the beauty of nature to your home interior design - Mokuzai Furniture

In a modern home, for a contemporary lifestyle…

bring the beauty of nature indoors with a live edge hall table and breathe new life into any space.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy every piece of your home. There is so much beauty to be had, even in the simple space of a hallway. Add a special hall table and make it a space that, EVERY DAY, brings you a moment of reflection, fulfillment and joy.

From our home to yours, may your holidays and every day after be merry
and bright!
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