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The Statement Altar Table by Mokuzai Furniture - zen decor, minimalist modern podium
A flawless finish brings out the beautiful grain patterns in this solid wood podium by Mokuzai Furniture.  Minimalist furniture design for a modern altar table or lectern,
Japanese style altar table by Mokuzai Furniture - tiger maple and walnut podium or lectern or home altar table
a narrow tall altar table by Mokuzai Furniture.  Minimalist zen home decor.
Fine edging details at the corner of this zen altar table by Mokuzai Furniture
A narrow table, tall for a podium or modern lectern.  A minimalist furniture design by Mokuzai Furniture
A live edge table stretcher on this Japanese style furniture piece by Mokuzai Furniture.   A modern altar table, podium or lectern.
Feet details on our Statement Altar Table, a modern wood furniture design by Mokuzai Furniture
Contemporary tall table for a podium or lectern.  A minimalist wood furniture design by Mokuzai Furniture
Minimalist design, furniture hand-crafted from solid wood, lectern, podium or home altar table.  Zen home decor by Mokuzai Furniture
The Statement Altar Table at home as a Zen Center decoration.  A buddha table hand-crafted from tiger maple and walnut - wabi sabi furniture styling by Mokuzai Furniture

Statement Altar Table - minimalist zen podium, lectern

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a tall altar table for zen centers and sacred places, a home meditation table, contemporary lectern or podium...

24"L x 18"D x 42"H

Minimalist and distinct, this altar table is a new contemporary furniture piece from our Statement Collection. Thoughtfully designed, the clean lines create a balanced, zen feeling and the beauty of nature that is showcased in the wood becomes the stand-out feature of this work of art. Create a place of peace in your home or zen center with this special meditation table. Stand confidently in your presentation at school, church or events with this handsome podium. The Statement Altar Table embodies the strength and elegance found in simplicity.  Pictured in Tiger Maple/Walnut, also available in solid walnut.

 Custom Sizing Available – Need the measurements adjusted?  Submit your request and we will respond to your inquiry typically within 24 hours during the week.  We will ensure your custom specifics will guarantee you a well-proportioned finished piece and will offer our expert opinion on any suggested adjustments.