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A small narrow nightstand made from walnut and tiger maple
A narrow table with drawer, side view of dovetail details and shelf
A handmade table with drawer for a small nightstand or bed side table - created from walnut and tiger maple - solid wood furniture
Top front view of the Encore Nightstand- a narrow wooden bed side table with drawer - handmade wood furniture
A handmade wooden nightstand created from walnut and tiger maple - small end table with drawer
Each drawer full is hand-shaped - solid wood furniture
Our solid wood drawers feature hand-cut dovetails at the sides - heirloom quality fine furniture
Beautiful wood drawer in our Encore Nightstand - fine wood furniture
Even the drawer bottoms are beautiful.  Using the same premium wood throughout our fine furniture, this picture shows the drawer interior of our Encore Nightstand
Hand-cut dovetails featured at the sides of our Encore Nightstand- a small wooden table with drawer
Walnut with tiger maple wedge detail in the table top of our Encore Nightstand - fine wood furniture for the bedroom or small end table
Hand-cut dovetails support the shelf on this walnut and tiger maple bed side table

The Encore Nightstand - Walnut with Tiger Maple

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Originally designed at the request of a loyal returning customer, The Encore Nightstand represents the progression of art at home. The layering of the shelves, the suspended view of the drawer, the illusion of the legs striking up through the pieces, all serve to establish this functional narrow table as a sophisticated work of fine art, one in the same. The complex use of traditional hand-cut joinery offers visual ornamentation and marked foundational quality. The distinctive effect of the hand-rubbed finish completes the design.

18"W x 12"D x 24"H

-each table is made to order-

Custom Sizing Available – Our specialty offering is the custom tailoring of our designs to best suit your space.  Submit your requested measurements and we will respond to your inquiry typically within 24 hours during the week.  We will ensure your requested specifics will guarantee you a well-proportioned, finished piece and will offer our expert opinion on any suggested adjustments.

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Our narrow tables and fine cabinet pieces are created from solid, premium wood.  Available in a selection of Eastern Black Walnut, American Cherry and Tiger Maple

Our fine furniture designs are created in a selection of three premium woods sourced locally to the east coast.  We work with Eastern Black Walnut, American Cherry, and Tiger Maple also known as Fiddleback or Curly Maple.  If you are interested in this table design but would like it created from a different one of our woods or a combination of colors, contact us with your inquiry and we can help guide you to the best use of color for this piece and your space.

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